Common Running Injuries - Knee

Providence Athletic Medicine

1.  Runners Knee. Term used to describe the wearing away of the back of the kneecap.  May occur because of decrease quadriceps (thigh) strength, an imbalance of strength and flexibility, poor mechanics, and/or improper footwear.  Symptoms:  Pain under and around the kneecap.  Treatment:  Ice, consult a doctor regarding a flexibility program for the lower extremities (quads, hamstrings, calf, ITBand…).

2.  ITBand Syndrome. Lateral (outside) knee pain caused by the inflammation of the iliotibial band at its attachment below the knee.  The iliotibial band is a thin fascia that runs from the hip to below the knee.   Symptoms: pain at the lower outside knee area.  During early stages pain occurs only when running.  In later stages pain occurs with even mild activity.  Treatment:  ice, stretching, change running location or direction if you normally run on a road with a slight slant, consult physician.

3.  Patellar tendinitis. An inflammation of the patellar tendon.  The quadriceps muscle connects onto a tendon, which runs over the kneecap attaching just below the knee. Overuse can cause the tendon where it inserts to become inflamed.  Symptoms:  Pain during and after exercise.  Pain with quad contraction trying to straighten leg.  Point tenderness below the kneecap.  Stiffness the day after training can occur.  Treatment: Ice, rest, quadriceps stretching, anti-inflammatories, consult your physician.