St. John Macomb-Oakland Sleep Center

Dr. Chakrapani Ranganathan & Dr. Asima Hussain-Ranganathan

Most of us have had trouble sleeping at one time or another. However, if getting restful sleep is ongoing problem for you, you may have a sleep disorder. Left untreated, a sleep disorder could result in serious health problems from daytime drowsiness or headaches to high blood pressure, heart disease or even stroke.

At the St. John Macomb-Oakland Sleep Center patients are monitored in a safe, clean, and comfortable home-like environment by a polysomnographic technologist. We are located in the main hospital ensuring high-quality patient care, including 24 hour emergency care and secured parking facilities.  At the St. John Macomb-Oakland Sleep Center we are equipped to monitoring the patient's brain waves, eye movements, muscle tone, heart rate, breathing effort, oxygen levels, leg movements and snoring.  All this is done in a painless process by attaching sensors on the patient's skin. Following the sleep study a board certified sleep specialist interprets the study and a treatment plan is provided.

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